The Climate Change Collaboration is a group of four Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts. The Trusts are: Ashden Trust, JJ Charitable Trust, Mark Leonard Trust and Tedworth Trust. This group came together in 2011 to support pilot and research projects to find ways of reducing CO2 emissions quickly.


  • Trust executive: Sian Ferguson
  • DivestInvest Manager: Eva Beresford
  • Climate Change Collaboration Assistant: Darren Chin

The approach

Our work currently focuses on mitigating the climate crisis by mobilising the finance system.

We do this through grant funding, convening, and thought leadership.

There is a strong emphasis of partnership and collaboration for any funded programme. Trustees insist that projects work together to share their learning with each other and more broadly with key stakeholders.

The Climate Change Collaboration is a supporter of DivestInvest.

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